In 2014, we embarked on the organization of the Varna Channel Cup, led by the ambition to create one of the most prestigious sailing events in Bulgaria … and we have succeeded for 8 years now!
The Varna Chanel Cup Regatta is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria with the possibility of all sea races being watched directly from the shore as well as the numerous opportunities for citizens and guests to join and experience the challenges of the wind and the sea. At the heart of this model of experiencing marine emotions is the desire of all participating clubs to remind the place of Varna as a center for development and popularization of this culture in Bulgaria.
The last two editions of the Varna Channel Cup regatta surpassed all expectations and according to the participants and the media they became one of the best organized sailing regattas in Bulgaria.
The latest edition brought together 250 sailors and 34 yachts, attracted more than 3,000 people and again became one of the largest sailing competitions organized on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Let’s sail together!

Convenient places and hours of sightseeing by citizens:
8 June – from 15:00. until 17:00. – Sea Garden

9 June – from 10:00. until 18:00. – Sea Garden
10 June – from 11:00. until 18:00. – Asparuhovo channel, South Coast; Varna Railway Station – Pedestrian Area

11 June – from 10:00 to 17:00 – Central beach

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