In 2014, we embarked on the organization of the Varna Channel Cup, led by the ambition to create one of the most prestigious sailing events in Bulgaria … and we have succeeded for 5 years!
The last two editions of the Varna Channel Cup regatta surpassed all expectations and according to the participants and the media they became one of the best organized sailing regattas in Bulgaria.
Regatta has traditionally become one of the best-reflected sporting events for the year. The latest edition brought together 250 sailors and 34 yachts, attracted more than 30 media and over 3,000 people and again became one of the largest sailing competitions organized on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In 2017 we realized a 25% increase in crew and yachts and a 35% increase in media publications relative to 2016.
It was again a reason to hear about sailing in Bulgaria and to be dignified! Because one of the most important goals of the regatta for years is to give a strong impetus to the sailing sport in Bulgaria and the idea of ​​an active life in the nature that we hope more and more young people will embrace.
But in addition to a sporting event, the regatta is also a large-scale business project that sets ambitious goals for the communication of sponsoring brands. We strive every year to offer all regatta partners an increasingly successful business product to help their brands and business in Bulgaria.
In 2018 we re-expand the sails in the organization of the fifth anniversary edition of the Varna Channel Cup regatta. General sponsor for the second consecutive year is Hotel Casino Black Sea – one of the symbols of the Sea Capital. We are looking not just for sponsors but for supporters and partners to add wind to the project’s sails. Thanks to you, we can make regattas even more spectacular, so we can regain every lev you invested.
Our main sponsor in 2021 of the regatta “ Varna channel cup” is the company ConForma – a leader in ventilated facade systems and it is a reliable and serious partner. The regatta is held with the support of the Municipality of Varna and our long-term partnership with Hotel and Casino “Black Sea”. The other sponsors and partners who supports us are – “Dimov” Luxury Store, Medical University – Varna, “Ultramarine” Sailing Sports Club and Good Captain. In order to strengthen the endurance of each participant in the races, the independent partners of Oriflame Bulgaria have prepared nutritional supplements and vitamins for each competitor. We shall experience an unique moments in the sea and thanks to our partners we will aspire additional desire to race, in the sportsmanship and inspiration for a victory!
This year we expect over 40 yachts, 300 elite sailors and over 100 VIP guests to the regattas
This year we expect over 40 yachts, 300 elite sailors and over 100 VIP guests to the regattas sponsors. Most of these people belong to the highest levels of society – sailing is not just an expensive hobby, but a true passion shared by people who are pushing the pace and agenda in both business and society.
Let’s sail together!

We have many possibilities for sponsors, contact us